Translation from Japanese into English and Spanish in the life sciences field. My clients range from pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, to hospitals, basic research institutions, CROs, medical device manufacturers, or the food/feed and agriculture industries.

I translate, proofread and copyedit documents throughout a product’s lifecycle, from research and development to clinical trials and product labelling, in the medical and veterinary fields.

  • Clinical trial documentation (clinical trial agreements, protocols, informed consent, case report forms (CRF), patient surveys and diaries, trial final reports, etc.)
  • Regulatory affairs (e.g. new drug authorisation applications)
  • Manufacturing SOPs & production manuals
  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
  • Product labels
  • Summary of product characteristics (SmPC)
  • Scientific journal articles
  • Scientific research texts
  • Instructions for medical devices
  • Toxicology reports
  • Presentations for meetings and conferences

+ Translation

Translating texts accurately
retaining the original nuances is key for scientific and technical writing.

+ Proofreading

Spotting and amending
language errors, such as
punctuation, grammar,
consistency, format or style.

+ Copyediting

Correction of structure and rhetoric, including syntax and grammar, based on the source language text.
Improving word precision
and sentence flow.

Dr. Laura Carreras Planella


Dr. Laura Carreras Planella

Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine

Ph.D. in Advanced Immunology

Twelve published scientific articles in indexed journals, six of them as the first author

Experience in food & feed regulatory consulting

Seven years of experience in Japanese to English translation

I work with SDL Trados, MemoQ and other translation software


I am a Japanese to English and Spanish translator with over seven years of experience. I completed my BA in Veterinary Medicine with honors and obtained a PhD in Human Advanced Immunology (Cum Laude) besides having worked in food & feed regulatory and having published several scientific articles in indexed journals. This provided me with an excellent comand of scientific English. I began studying Japanese over 15 years ago and, having as well lived in that country, I have obtained various language certifications.

With my background and expertise in the fields of life sciences, medical science and regulatory affairs, I am able to help my clients prepare submission material for regulatory bodies, documentation for clinical trials, or basic research documents, among others. All this is done by accurately retaining the original nuances of the content, which is crucial for scientific and technical writing. Likewise, I understand that time and efficiency are paramount for industry and the successful achievement of results, hence, I commit myself 100% to projects for on-time and quality delivery.

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Laura Carreras Planella

Translator of Japanese into English and Spanish in the medical, pharmaceutical and bioscience fields.

Girona (Spain)

Tel. (+34) 626 63 33 98



Free Quotation

Prices are calculated based on the number of words in the source language (usu. Japanese).
However, other factors such as the service required, length and complexity of the text, format of the original document and delivery time also need to be considered.
Discounts are offered for large volumes.
If possible, please forward your document(s) indicating which service(s) you require and I will
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Document Security Policies

I am committed to the protection of my clients’ documents and files through security best practices, including:


  • Strictly obeying the terms of signed NDAs.
  • Never leaving my computers unattended.
  • Never storing client files on portable USB storage devices.
  • Always enabling the screen lock function on my computers.
  • When printing documents, never leaving copies lying unattended.
  • Never posting clients’ information to blogs or social media.
  • Never outsourcing translation work to other translators.
  • Destroying all translation material (source, translated and backups) upon completion of a project.
  • Keeping computers free of malware and potentially harmful programs.